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“Obra Parlante, Flor de cuatro puntas” at Galeria Sao Mamede | May 10 | 6:30pm | 8:30pm

Galeria Sao Mamede is pleased to present a unique closing event for the solo exhibition of renowned visual artist Gustavo Mendez-Liska. In collaboration with the talented composer and musician Eugenia Méndez, they embark on an unprecedented artistic experience with “Obra Parlante, Flor de cuatro puntas”.

Eugenia Méndez, recognized for her brilliant career as a composer, arranger, singer, and instrumentalist, joins Gustavo Mendez-Liska to debut this exciting project in Portugal, conceived since early 2019 and now culminating in a series of presentations in Porto and Vienna.

“Obra Parlante” merges the disciplines of visual arts and music into a visual and auditory symphony that challenges conventional boundaries of art. In this special occasion, Galeria Sao Mamede becomes the stage where Gustavo Mendez-Liska’s vibrant creations come to life through Eugenia Méndez’s musical interpretation.

This event aims to captivate the audience with its innovative artistic proposal and offers an immersive experience where spectators delve into a universe of emotions and sensations. From contemplating the visual artworks to experiencing live music, each element of “Obra Parlante, Flor de cuatro puntas” intertwines to create a dialogue between forms and sounds, inviting the audience to explore new perspectives and connections between the arts.

“Obra Parlante” at Galeria Sao Mamede promises to be an unforgettable event that celebrates creativity, collaboration, and the ability of art to transcend boundaries and generate transformative experiences. We thank you for your support and sponsorship to make this exciting presentation possible.

For more information and press inquiries, please contact:

Gustavo Mendez-Liska+436607262640mendez-liska@gmx.at

Galeria Sao MamedeR Miguel Bombarda, 624 4050-379 PORTO+351 934 388 500 Tel. +351 226 099 589galeria@saomamede.com

Galeria São Mamede

Closing Concert 11.05.2024 | 6:30pm.
7R. Miguel Bombarda, 6244050-379 PORTO
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